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Benicia Wolfpack

Benicia Wolfpack is a youth baseball organization located in Benicia, California. At present we have teams for age groups: 9U,10U, 11U, 12U, 13U,15/16U and 18U. Our teams travel to tournaments throughout Northern California and sometimes out of state. 

We are an youth organization for young that promotes a program of athletics to encourage skill development both on and off the baseball diamond. We encourage integrity, sportsmanship and a good work ethic. We also challenge our players to understand personal sacrifice for themselves as well as for others.

Our coaches are expected to be aware of the influence their behavior has on our players, parents and fans. We have an ability to influence those around us using our individual strengths and styles of leadership. We have a responsibility to represent and uphold integrity, fair play, and proper sportsmanship during all types of athletic and extra-curricular competition.

We strive to teach our players; the fundamentals of the game and character; the importance of modeling a successful behavior; how to respect our teammates and our opponents; how to create a prolifically positive environment in the dugout and in the stands; the significance of working through adversity; to respect the game and its participants in all we do on and off the baseball diamond.

We gain valuable knowledge of every lesson and every situation on or off the field and apply the knowledge to our next opportunity. We have no time to worry about the past and will not tolerate a poor or defeated attitude. If we swing and miss, or make an error, we will effectively adjust for the next opportunity. We will play this game to have fun and make every effort to do our best one pitch at a time.

We have chosen to emulate our organization after Benicia High School. By wearing the same colors as the Benicia Panthers, our kids will be able to look up to the older players as role models for success!

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